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Ramadan 2016

Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh, 

Ramadan is the most important month of the Islamic year. For thirty days, muslims all over the world fast between sunset and sundown. It is a month of reflection, prayer and cleansing the soul.

Ramadan was, before I got married, a very lonely time. I am the only Muslim in my family, only I fasted during this month.

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The Haram Police

Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,

Today I’d like to continue telling you about my spiritual journey. I’d like to tell you about a certain group of muslims, who we call the “haram police”. They prey on converts with the goal to educate them about their Islam.

The first years after I converted weren’t easy. I didn’t have much support, didn’t have friends who I could ask questions about Islam. I searched on the net for Dutch converts, women who also became Muslim, like me. That’s where I encountered the Haram police, and they almost pushed me away from Islam.

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Changing my Religion


Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,

I was raised as a Roman Catholic. When I was six years old we moved to a different city where my father got a job at a local church. We even moved into the clergy house next to the church. And I went to the Catholic school nearby. Still, I don’t consider my family very religious. Yes, I was baptized, did my first communion and my confirmation. Went to the church occasionally, mostly with Christmas and Easter. Part from saying a prayer at dinner, religion didn’t play a big part at home.

I always was fascinated by religion, I even became an altar server. I enjoyed helping around in the church. But Christianity didn’t really made much  sense to me. I didn’t understand how Jesus (pbuh) was the son of Allah but Adam (pbuh) wasn’t. But I didn’t knew any better, so I didn’t look any further until I was eighteen.
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Something something something


Asalaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatu,

I think by reading the title of this first post, it is clear to you, that I have no idea where to start. I’ve been living in Egypt for a year now, and I’m in dire need of a hobby. I love writing. Back in the Netherlands I had penpals, I enjoyed writing letters and sending gifts to them. It was always a pleasant surprise to receive something back. Unfortunately since I’m here, I had to give up this hobby because of the “nonexistent” Egyptian postal service.

The idea of starting a personal blog has been in my mind for a while, but I always found a reason not to do it. I was either, thinking that I didn’t have original ideas or assuming no one would read it anyway. Which are both utter nonsense! I have plenty of ideas, and I’m sure someone will open this blog by mistake. Anyway, I’ve decided to go for it!

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