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In the Navy!

A salaamu aleikum was rachmatullah wa barakatu,

Before I continue, I’m really sorry I don’t write that much on my blog. I have difficulty thinking of ideas to write about. So if you have suggestions, please share them with me!

Yesterday my husband reminded me of the work I used to do, a job I really loved. Before I studied social work, I actually was a painter, not the you’d hire to decorate your home or one who’d paint a portrait for you. I could though, but that wasn’t my job, I was a specialist in gilding, wood and marble imitations and Trompe-l’oeil (French for deceive the eye). I’m not saying I was amazing, but I did have those skills.

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A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,

Believe it or not, but yesterday I reached my goal! I wrote 50.000 words within 30 days, 27 days to be exact, not counting the days I didn’t write.

I never thought I’d reach my goal, to be honest I thought I’d give up halfway through. Having an 9 month old daughter takes alot of my attention but I still managed to do it. But my ‘novel’ isn’t finished, it will probably never finish except if I kill-off my main character. That will be difficult though, Nairians, the alien race I created,  get quite old.

The wonderful thing about creating your own alien race. Is that you can write anything you want. Compared to humans it doesn’t make any sense but my character isn’t human, is she? Nothing is impossible, so keep that in mind while I continue to tell you about Nimara’s story.
So what happened? As I told you before I used the storyline of deep space nine as my guide. So everything that happened from season 1 till halfway through season 3 happened, but through the eyes of Nimara.

In my last post I wrote about her reaching puberty, and if you read my first NaNoWriMo-post you’d know she’s atleast over thirty (earth)years old. Female nairians that reach puberty and become fertile will go through a mating cycle (in heat) every two months. Which only ends if they mate, lucky for Nimara is that there are holosuites on board of the station. Her good friend doctor Bashir, also created a drug she could take to suppress her urges so she could resume working. But what if she’s not on the station, she didn’t have her drug and there’s just one male around? Yeah, you guessed right, she got pregnant. Feeling ashamed of what happened she didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant, but after just two months it started to show. Nairian pregnancies are just six months, so Nim couldn’t deny it any more. But it was still a mystery, because no one knew who the father was, not even the father himself. Now he knows, I made her tell the truth, also her closest friend knows but no one else. If anyone would know, it would in danger her and her child. I guess you wonder why… Maybe I’ll tell you some other time.

 “I see the auto-destruct program has begun.  You are in trouble. Where’s Commander Sisko?  I trust he wasn’t vaporized while asking for one of those raktajinos he’s so fond of.”  Dukat grins. “No… the last we heard, he was trapped in the ore processing unit.”  Nim yells from behind the console. “Nimara, I’m so glad you weren’t vaporized” “thank you Dukat, you are such a charm.. Can you help us, or not?” she replies with some irritation. “Oh, most certainly.  All I have to do is enter my command code and shut the program.” Nim can’t see him but she can imagine him smiling right now. “Then do it!”  she hears Kira yell from the other side of the room. “All in good time, Major.  But first, there are a few things we should discuss.” he seem to be walking again “Red leaf tea, please.” they can hear the replicator starting and the shooting suddenly stops. Nim can hear someone moving,  “doctor..” dukat says and the shooting continues again. “What is it you want, Dukat?” Kira yells furiously. “You’ll find I don’t respond well to that tone of voice, Major.” then suddenly he’s standing in front of Nim and Garak grinning “Ah, Garak… groveling in a corner.  That alone makes the trip worthwhile.” he laughs. Then suddenly Garak stands up “Garak!”  she yells and lets go of his hand.  “it would seem that the computer is only targeting non-Cardassians after all.” Garak says confident and he’s right. The blasts do avoid him. “If you’d been on the station when I designed this program I would have made an exception in your case” dukat says with contempt. “You’ve always been shortsighted… it’s held you back over the years.” Garak replies smiling. Nim suddenly gets an idea, the blasts avoid cardassian’s so maybe… And she starts to rise up, Garak wants to hold her down but she’s determined.  The blasts avoid her. Dukat and Garak are surprised “well there’s some cardassian in you after all”  Dukat says with a grin. “It seems that way” she replies while looking at Bashir who knows that Dukat is right.

I’d love to hear what you think of my deep space nine fanfiction. And did you reach the goal of 50.000 words?

NaNoWriMo halfway through update

A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,
Time for a halfway through update. It’s now the 15th of November and I’ve passed the 25.000 words on my Deep Space Nine fanfiction! So let me te you how it’s been going so far.

I never thought I’d be on schedule, like I told you in my previous post I expected to have to much distraction from my daughter, husband and in laws. But elhamdullilah it turns out I’m doing pretty well.

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A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,
Have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo? What if I tell you it’s short for ‘National Novel Writing Month‘? I never heard of it until my sister mentioned it last year. The general idea is that in the thirty days of November you write a novel of fifty thousand words (or more). For publication or (like me) just for fun. My sister knows I love writing, so this year she send me an invitation to join NaNoWriMo this year, and I’ve decided to give it a try.

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What’s Cooking? 

Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh, 
Back in Holland I used to cook dinner often, especially after my parents separated. I would try to make differnt things every week, I thought I was a pretty good cook. But when I moved to Egypt I really learned to cook.

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Something something something


Asalaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatu,

I think by reading the title of this first post, it is clear to you, that I have no idea where to start. I’ve been living in Egypt for a year now, and I’m in dire need of a hobby. I love writing. Back in the Netherlands I had penpals, I enjoyed writing letters and sending gifts to them. It was always a pleasant surprise to receive something back. Unfortunately since I’m here, I had to give up this hobby because of the “nonexistent” Egyptian postal service.

The idea of starting a personal blog has been in my mind for a while, but I always found a reason not to do it. I was either, thinking that I didn’t have original ideas or assuming no one would read it anyway. Which are both utter nonsense! I have plenty of ideas, and I’m sure someone will open this blog by mistake. Anyway, I’ve decided to go for it!

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