Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,

Welcome to NL2EG, a lifestyle blog about culture, spirituality,marriage,  parenting and much more.

Let me introduce myself. I am Sabina, just an ordinary Dutch girl of twenty-something years old. Born in the Netherlands, raised as a Roman Catholic but converted to Islam when I was nineteen. I’m a bachelor social work with a fascination for psychiatry. I am married to a wonderful Egyptian man and I’m a mother to a sweet baby girl.  I love to read, write and watch movies. I’m fond of taking and editing photos, and love gaming.

NL2EG is a blog about marriage, living with two different cultures. It’s about my spiritual journey and becoming a mommy. Living in Egypt means that every day comes as a surprise, planning ahead is something they don’t do here. Keep that in mind when you read my blog, you might get surprised by what I’ll share with you!

Stay tuned

Please feel free to ask questions or send suggestions on what my next post should be about.