As salaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,

Down of you might remember telling you about having gallstones, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. The past six months I’ve had serious problems because of them and the doctor had already suggested I’d have my gallbladder removed. I immediately said “yes”, but for my husband it wasn’t that easy to accept. 

For weeks, months even I kept complaining about the pain. I kept asking him to take me to a surgeon, but he didn’t want me to go. Not because he thought it wasn’t necessary, not even because it would cost much money, but because he felt worried. He was more worried about the surgery, then I was. Finally he did take me to a surgeon, who also told us that it was better to have it removed, finally my husband accepted it was really necessary. So last month, on thirteenth of December I went to hospital. 

We had to be in Zagazig at eleven in the morning, so we woke up early. I wasn’t allowed to eat, which is a big problem for me since I usually get carsick when I have an empty stomach. That alone gave me a bad mood. When I came downstairs with my bag my mother in law asked if I put an extra abaya and a towel in my bag. Immediately I felt more annoyed, not because she asked me. “We will pay 10.000,- and still we have to bring our own towels, sheets, blankets and pyjama’s to hospital!” I yelled. So I went upstairs to get an extra abaya and a towel my my mother in law put a blanket in the car. The trip to Zagazig was not as bad as I expected, I listened to music as a distraction from the nausea.

 It is scientifically proven that I have no heart

After we payed at the front desk a man with albinism brought us to my room. There was a sitting area, a bed of course and even a TV that didn’t work. We sat down and waited for further instructions. After a while two nurses came with to fill in a form. They also tried to take my blood pressure, but when they put the stethoscope on my arm they couldn’t find my heartbeat. “It is scientifically proven that I have no heart” I joked. Unfortunately non of the nurses understood my joke because of their poor English. 

After a while one nurse brought me my paper pyjama, hairnet and plastic socks. She told me to wash myself with the Dettol hand soap she handed me. Of course I listened, and got myself ready for the surgery. I was glad we took a towel because the hospital didn’t give any. When I was ready we waited for further instructions.

Finally it was time, with a blanket to cover my open back, I followed a guy into the elevator. My husband joined me but as soon as we arrived at the right floor he was told he couldn’t come any further. I continued to follow the guy through different rooms to the operation room. I still remember I was amazed on how friendly everyone was. In the operation room I was told to lay down on the table, and immediately the anesthetist came to prepare me. He seemed very friendly, but now I know otherwise. I expected to get a warning before he’d administer the anesthesia, I imagined it it would be like you see on tv; something like;“now count back from ten to one, and you’ll fall asleep”. But instead I suddenly felt like some fat woman just sat down on my chest, I couldn’t breath and the anesthetist said “oh, I gave you something to sleep.” “Yeah, I can feel it” I replied while thinking ‘thanks for the warning, asshole.’ 

Take a picture, take a picture!

When I woke up I heard voices but everything was really blurry, I could barely keep my eyes open. I knew they brought me back to my room, I could also feel them lift me on the bed. One of the first things I said to my husband was “Take a picture, take a picture!” To send it to my family in Holland. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell asleep again. 

We had to wait at least six hours, and they were very long. I was jealous at my husband and his parents when they had their lunch, till now I didn’t eat anything. The first thing I got was a cup of herbal tea, and it was heaven! Unfortunately I still felt very nauseous and had trouble breathing. All I wanted was to go home, but we had to wait for assistant to take out the surgical drain. In the meantime I tried to eat some soup and I even got up and out to walk a little in the room. Finally after hour, they took the drain out and I could get ready to go back home. 

I recovered quite fast, just two days I didn’t leave our apartment. I never had trouble or pain when I had to pray. Only at night I had some trouble sleeping because of some pain. Ten days after the surgery we went to the surgeon for a checkup, and everything was well. He gave me the DVD of the surgery, which I of course watched that same night. It was hilarious to see, that after they successfully burned the gallbladder loose, needed more then five minutes to pull it out. It was so big because of the gall and stones inside, it reminded me of a little Jabba the Hutt. 

I’m glad the surgery and my recovery went very well. And hopefully I won’t have any more problems in the future. bye bye little Jabba! Farewell!