A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,
Time for a halfway through update. It’s now the 15th of November and I’ve passed the 25.000 words on my Deep Space Nine fanfiction! So let me te you how it’s been going so far.

I never thought I’d be on schedule, like I told you in my previous post I expected to have to much distraction from my daughter, husband and in laws. But elhamdullilah it turns out I’m doing pretty well.

First let me tell you more about Deep Space Nine. I’m sure some of you never heard of it or watched it. I am sure though, that you’ve heard about Star trek, the past few years they made 3 movies based on the original series.  Star trek is set in th future where the human race can travel in;

Space, the final frontier. To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Unlike all the other series and movies, Deep Space Nine isn’t set on a starship, but on a space station. This station is located at the mouth of a wormhole that leads to the Gamma quadrant, pretty much uncharted space. The station is also located on the border between Bajoran and Cardassian place, two alien races that don’t get along very well. The station is a junction in space, you get to meet old and new alien races that visit the station. There’s a crew of many different races and all of them have their story. If you never watched it, I advised you to give it a try!

Now back to my novel. Before November started I already written something, but till now I haven’t used it. To be honest I changed some things about my main character. In my previous post I’ve told you Nimara was on her way to become a security officer on board of Deep Space Nine. I changed that, she’s a communications officer. Otherwise she and Chief of security Odo would be to similar.
Nimara is a Nairian, (an alien race I made up myself) Nairians have reptilian features just as the cardassians but there’s one big difference, she’s amphibious. She has webbed fingers and toes, and her entire body is covered on glimmering scales. Nairian are telepathic, that is how they communicate, this is also how they can learn foreign languages. They also have psychometry abilities (object reading), by touching a person or and object they can know and even control things. Nairians don’t make physical contact with others except their mates, because by touching they can know someone’s deepest thoughts and secrets. “touch is like an open door into someone’s mind“. Nimara also uses this ability to communicate with the stations computer, by simply touching it she can control it. If she wants she could even bypass any security codes. Her telepathic and psychometry abilities don’t work on every alien race, for instance she can’t use them on cardassians. For this reason she couldn’t communicate with them when they captured her during the occupation. Only when they are weakened by sickness or injuries she could do a psychometry reading. One other fun fact is that Nairians get very old compare to the human race. Nimara for instance is in her mid forties, but you wouldn’t see it if you look at her.

The past two weeks I’ve been writing daily, and it went pretty well until yesterday. Yesterday suddenly the chapter I was working on didn’t open anymore. It was corrupted. I felt so upset and lost my motivation for a while. Because I mainly write on my phone I used Polaris office, this way I could continue writing if I decided to use my laptop. But I’ve had this “corrupted file” problem before with this program. And after what happened yesterday I deleted the program and downloaded WPS Office for my phone. And for my laptop I downloaded yWriter6. My sister told me about this program and I wanted to try it. It’s really amazing! With yWriter you can easily keep track of your chapters, scenes, Characters, locations and your word count. It’s really wonderful, if you are writing novel you should try it out! While changing the program on my laptop I also tries to find a way to fix my corrupted file. And elhamdullilah! I got it back, so I’m back on track and I have my motivation back!

That evening Nim decides to go to the infirmary.  When she enters she sees the doctor working at his computer. “good evening doctor” she says. He turns around and is very surprised to see her “Nimara, what can I do for you” then he notices how worried she looks and gets up “did something happen?” she nods. “I think I’m sick, I need you to examine me” She sits down on the table waiting for him to start, but he’s confused. “but what do you feel?” “I feel sick, some strange allergic reaction” she nervously says. He smiles and grabs a scanner “you have to be more specific. What kind of reaction and when?” “I felt it the first time during lunch, I felt my heart pounding and I suddenly felt very warm” “so it could be the food?” he starts scanning her. “no, it was before we ate, it was in Quarks. And I felt it again in ops” She nervously tells him. “you seem to be fine” “no, something is wrong with me.. Could I be allergic to cardassians?” she then suddenly says. The doctor stops abruptly “allergic to cardassians, what do you mean?” “when Garak touched my hand I start feel warm. He even noticed I had warm hands, which is unusual for Nairians… And when that other cardassian looked at me I felt the same..” Julian smiles and puts his scanner away “was that other cardassian by any chance a male?” she nods “yes how you know” he’s standing in front of her, looking at her with a big smile. He can see how nervous she is and puts his hand on her shoulder “I don’t think your allergic to cardassians” “you are right… I feel it now also.. I must be allergic to males” then she notices that the doctor is getting a little red. “are you alright? Do you Think it’s contagious?” he calmly shakes his head “I think you are just attracted to them… maybe even to.. Me” Nim Pushes his hand away “no, that’s not possible. I never felt like this. I must be sick. Something is wrong. maybe you should compare the scans with ones you made last month” the doctor can see that she won’t calm down unless he does. “computer please show the scans I made of Officer Keldara During her health check” and immediately the information pops up on one of the screens “now compare these to the scans I just made” She can see the computer making the comparison, suddenly it stops and beeps. The doctor steps to the screen and looks at the information. “well? Am I sick?” she asks. He turns around “no as a matter of fact you are in perfect health.” “so what did the computer find?” she gets of the table and walks to the screen, Julian points at a schematic of her “it seems that you’ve reached puberty”.

Are you writing a novel this month? What’s it about, and how is it going?