A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,
Have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo? What if I tell you it’s short for ‘National Novel Writing Month‘? I never heard of it until my sister mentioned it last year. The general idea is that in the thirty days of November you write a novel of fifty thousand words (or more). For publication or (like me) just for fun. My sister knows I love writing, so this year she send me an invitation to join NaNoWriMo this year, and I’ve decided to give it a try.

I think I was fifteen when I started writing, around that time my parents began to have problems in their relationship. My sisters already left home so I had to deal with the stress by myself. I used to stay at school as long as possible, until the door closed, to avoid going home. In weekends I didn’t have anywhere to escape to,  and that’s why I started to write.

Writing was for me a way to escape the real world. I’ve pretty much always written fanfiction, I create my own character to the story line of movies and series I liked. Or I used characters from those movies and series to create a complete new story. I really loved Midsomer murder, especially the fictional location they created so for the first story I’ve ever written I used those locations. It was a character living in Midsomer County, it wasn’t even a detective. The first story wasn’t a novel at all, it was basically a script. Maybe a year later it started to look more like a novel.

Back in Holland I’d write every day, I had my own writing spot in the house. Part from school, making dinner, doing laundry and going to the supermarket twice a week I didn’t have much else to do. No one to disturb me when I was writing  because my father was never home. Nowadays I can’t write as much as I want. Now I have my little angel who needs me,  a husband who wants my attention, a father in law who needs me to make his tea, a mother in law who wants me to help her cooking and cleaning and I have our own apartment to clean, and our own laundry to do. Also I don’t have a comfortable writing spot to sit and write. So I doubt that I will reach the fifty thousand at the end of November, but I will give it a try.

Now you must be wondering what I will write. First of all, I don’t write to publish, for me writing is something to keep me busy. Besides it would be to embarrassing to make my stories public, because the main character is ‘me‘. But maybe, if I don’t feel to embarrassed I will post some parts of my story on my blog. I’m not promising anything!

Recently I’ve rewatched Star Trek Deep space Nine, and I decided make my own DS9 fanfiction story. I use the existing story line but will focus on my own character.

At the request  of the Bajoran provisional government, Starfleet has agreed to establish a Federation presence in this system following the withdrawal of the Cardassian occupational forces

Stardate 46390.1; Keldara Nimara is on a Bajoran transport to Deep space nine. A space station with a dark past. Last time she was there it was called Terok Nor and she was a prisoner. Things have changed, the Cardassians are gone and Nim will work as a security officer. A Bajoran sitting opposite of her keeps staring at her, “forgive me for asking, but you are Keldara Nimara, right?” he asks. Nim nods,  “yes, that is me” “thank you so much for helping us” the man says and grabs her hand tightly “I’ve heard great stories about you” he continues. Nim smiles, she feels a little uncomfortable. Lately alot of Bajorans came to thank her for what she did for them during the occupation. Although she’s not a Bajoran they do treat her like one of their own. She’s actually a Nairian, at first the Bajoran people were scared of her. Like the cardassians she has reptilian features, but unlike them she has webbed hands and feet and glimmering scales covering her body. No one knows how she got to Bajor, some say she was send by the prophets. Nim herself doesn’t even understand how she got there, all she remembers is waking up at Keldara monastery surrounded by Cardassian soldiers. Nim smiles at the man “there’s  no need to thank me, I did what any good being would do.” the man let’s go and smiles. Nim looks out of the window, and watches how they get closer to the station. 

Will you join NaNoWriMo? What kind of novel will you write?