A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh, 
After a week of freedom, fun and relaxation it was time to go back. Of course I missed my husband, he was supposed to be with us this week but his father didn’t want to give him a week off from work. So I was happy to see my husband again, but not to go home. Being home means sitting inside all day, rarely being able to go outside.

So you can imagine how I felt when I woke up on Friday the fourteenth. We went to have breakfast with Khalid ‘the overly enthusiastic Waiter‘ for the last time. After that we started packing our suitcases and get ourselves ready because at twelve we had to leave our room. Our flight was in the evening so we spend our last hours at the pool. Our friend joined us for a swim.

At three we got our suitcases and left the hotel. We went to Sofra again for our last meal together. My mom choose duck, I had Rabbit and our friend ate lamb. At home I wouldn’t eat it, because in our household rabbit and duck are always cooked, with almost no spices. But here the rabbit and duck came from the oven. And in my opinion “everything tastes better when it comes from the oven”, unless you burn it.

After our meal it was really time to go to the airport. After our goodbyes everything went quite fast. Thinking about going home made me feel a little depressed, Luxor and Aswan are so different from where I live. Upper Egypt is less populated then lower Egypt, this makes it more quite, more clean and more green. Although in Luxor, people also throw their trash out of car windows, it is still much cleaner then where I live. And in Luxor it is so green, you can find flowers everywhere. In Luxor I could smell real Jasmin instead of the Jasmin dettol multi cleaner I use at home.

People in Luxor and Aswan are also very different, here they are used to seeing foreigners and most of them know some English. While where I live I am an alien, people stare at me as soon as they know I’m not Egyptian. Shopping isn’t possible for me, not without an chaperone. Where I live it’s also pretty boring, there’s nothing to do in the area, no fun places, no cinema, no restaurants, no parks. The only sightseeing you can do is a tour from one pile of trash to another.
I knew we would be picked up by our driver but I still hoped to see my husband waiting for us at the airport. My mom and I felt tired when we arrived at our house, my little girl slept all the way so she was fine. As soon as the car door opened she was taken from my arms because everyone missed her. Everyone was so focused on her they completely forgot about my mom and me. Our vacation was really over.

I will cherish the memories of this vacation. It was an amazing week. It felt great to be outside every single day, for one week I could sleep within a few minutes instead of laying awake for hours. Although we didn’t buy much, I could go shopping. I always loved swimming but I hadn’t done it in years, and now I could go for a swim every day. For one week I had noone interfere with how I want to dress, play or feed my little angel. For one week I had so much milk I could feed her all day. In one week she seem to make alot of progress.
I truly hope that there will be more vacations like this, and I pray that my husband will be allowed to come as well because he missed so much.