Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh, 
Today we had another busy day, our friend suggested we’d go to Aswan. This is a city near the highdam,  it’s usually the last stop when you do a Nile cruise. I’d also been there three times before, and everytime by boat. But today we would go by car.

We were picked up at nine thirty in the morning by two of our friends. And we went on our way, traffic in Egypt is very different then in Holland. Here they looks at safety in a different way. For example, no one wears a seat belt until they approach a checkpoint. Then only the driver will put his seat belt on, but only until they pass the check point. On some roads there’re alot of checkpoints, and instead of keeping the seat belt on, an Egyptian will keep taking it of. Children are allowed to sit in front, people will even put them on their lap while driving. And of course none of the children will have any car seat or belt on. Roads in Egypt have a lot of speed bumps. Imagine a car that every two minutes slows down to get over a bump and speeds up again. Just thinking about it makes you car sick right?

Anyway, after two hours we arrived in Edfu. This city is famous for Temple of Horus, the falcon god. If you’d come by boat you would ride to the temple by horse carriage. The city was full of these carriages but now I didn’t even see one. When we arrived at the parking, there was absolutely no one. No horses, no tourists. A desperate salesman immediately approached us when we got out of the car, trying to get us to his shop. But we went onto the temple first. I was in complete shock, I knew tourism is almost dead, the last time I came it was quiet also. But now the temple was deserted. Just one small group and us were there. I could take plenty of pictures without anyone on it. It was beautiful to see the temple this way,  but it was also sad to see how bad it is in Egypt. After we visited the temple the desperate salesman approached us again, I did want to buy something for my friend so I went to his shop. I paid far to much, but atleast this way the salesman had a good day as well.

After edfu it was till two hours driving to Aswan. We parked the car on the West bank, near the Nubian Holiday house. There we got a tour through the house, it looked amazing and. Our host, captain Habibi, told they have two boats that can take guests anywhere in Aswan they want. And the nearby you can do camel or buggy tours in the desert. Listening to what he had to say made me thinking about returning here with my husband.

We took one of the boats on a tour, our friend told us that it was already to late to go to the botanical Garden or to the isle of Philae. I felt very disappointed, when our friend saw that he told the captain to go to the botanical Gardens. There he payed the man at the gate to let us through. I was so happy, because I love this garden so much. I took some nice pictures of my little angel. Like on my honeymoon I spotted a Hod Hod bird (Hoopoe). After the gardens we had a boat tour which was very relaxing. At one point my little girl started to feel hungry and I fed her. I brought a poncho, so I could feed her without anyone seeing it. Our tour ended on the east bank where we went to a restaurant.

Our friend took us to the restaurant ‘Mekka‘, which was actually the same restaurant I ate a few year ago. After a lovely meal it was time to get back to the car. It was still a three hour through the desert.